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6 Tips for Happily Dating a Younger WomanOlder men younger women

Many men enjoy the companionship of a younger woman. Finding happiness with someone much younger than you are is certainly possible, but there are things to watch out for. Here are 6 tips for navigating the issues and successfully dating a younger woman.

1. Build a Strong Connection with Common Interests

When the two of you have a strong bond between you, it makes it easier to weather the issues that can come from a significant age gap. The strongest romances are based on common interests. Perhaps you both enjoy sailing, art galleries, or long walks on the beach. Whatever your interests, focus on what the two of you enjoy together, and it will strengthen your connection.

2. Don’t Talk about the Age Difference

Age is just a number, and successful relationships can happen between people of all ages. However, the more you bring this up, the more likely age is to become an issue. Don’t mention age unless it’s really necessary. Avoid reminders like “Don’t you remember Watergate?” or “I was snowboarding before you were born.” Reminders like this can only make age more of an issue than it needs to be.

3. Watch for Generational Differences

Older men looking for younger women may run into some generational issues. You may hate the music she listens to. She may not understand historical events you lived through. You could have different political views. When you encounter such a difference, making an effort to bridge the gap can help your relationship. Ask questions, discuss it rationally, and try to understand her point of view.

4. Remember that Older is not always Wiser

When you’re older than the woman you are dating, you have had more life experiences than she has. Often this gives you greater knowledge of how certain things in the world work. Passing along some of your life learning to her can be a good thing for you both. Just remember that older does not always mean wiser. She knows things that you don’t, too, so don’t treat her as less intelligent just because of her age.

5. Be Prepared to Feel Awkward around Her Friends

When you spend time around your date’s friends, it can be an uncomfortable situation. Inter-generational issues can be intensified when you have a whole group of younger people together. You may end up feeling like an outsider who doesn’t fully understand, or you may find their youthful chatter annoying. Having a strong connection between the two of you can help put you at ease.

6. Know that there may be Criticism

Some of your friends are sure to appreciate the beautiful younger woman you’re dating, but others may disapprove of the age gap between you. Her family and friends may also question whether your age gap is appropriate. You may get some rude remarks, inappropriate jokes, or open criticism. Don’t argue with these people. Just let them know that you are quite happy together, and politely shut down that conversation.

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